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The Life of Death

I am so tired of Death being forced upon those with more Life in them.

Death shakes his head when he has to go back to Robeson County

Maybe he stays among us,

because he knows the next pick up is just hours away.

He watches and waits for someone to step up,

so he can go on holiday.

Maybe one day,

We'll rise up,

And take life by the reigns.

Ride with her to a brighter day,

Where children come to Earth to stay.

We'll send the demons all away,

And live together in a better way.

Death will only come

When it is our time to go home.

Dedicated to homicide victims in Robeson County.

Kayla Hammonds

Wendy Jones

and so many more.

If you or a loved one is looking for support, join the Shatter the Silence group on Facebook.

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