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About the Author

My life started in Pembroke, NC. My mother is an enrolled member of the Lumbee tribe of NC, and my father is Black American Muslim man. My upbringing in a multi-racial and multi-religious household has innately exposed me to many different perspectives. I was not always able to express the feelings and ideas about the world's issues and how those issues affect humanity. My family and my community exposed me to a number of cultural and spiritual issues at an early age.
As I started going through my own spiritual awakening, I first looked to my mother often for guidance, and throughout my journey I've come across several wonderful mentors from different Indigenous communities around the world. 
My journey in higher western education began at East Carolina University, where I studied Biology, and then to Georgetown University where I studied Physiology and Biophysics with a concentration in Integrative medicine. I learned about different systems of medicine around the world and how to discern the level of evidence each modality has within the western paradigm of research.
I was inspired to create this site when I realized how vast the gaps were in Indigenous medicine research. One of my mentors taught me about the concept of blending science with wisdom traditions. My goal is to produce information about various Indigenous issues, medicinal modalities, and concepts without overstepping the safety nets put in place by Indigenous people to protect our most sacred knowledge from being stolen and misappropriated.

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